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After talking with the customer, we begin our research. We look at particular details about the product in order to better understand the market it is going into.


If the customer gives the project concept a “go”, the next step is to create wireframes. Wireframes are interactive schematic pages of the site or application’s screens, like a screen blueprint.


We provide wireframes, get feedback from the customer, make changes, and get feedback again. These iterations are repeated until all of the project’s details are thought over well, carried out, and approved by the client.


With the wireframes, we can move on to designing a conceptual the application’s homepage or first few screen designs. To do so, we take into account the wireframes and moodboard which was created after doing the research.


A prototype is an early sample of a product created to test a concept or process. A prototype is used to evaluate a new design to improve the accuracy of analysts and system users. Prototypes are a crucial part of the design process and a practice used in all design disciplines.


We provide the hi-fi clickable prototypes include visual design (color, typography, etc.) and almost represent the final product, test the concept and get feedback from the client to make sure the concept works, approve the concept before starting the development.


The software design is translated into source code. All the components of the software are implemented in this phase. The team communicates with business stakeholders throughout the process to ensure that the project is going in the right direction.


After all of the hard work has been done, after we’ve taken the steps of the design process and development, the final product is demonstrated and launched and our customers can revel in the celebrations! If you are looking for a team of designers project managers and developers for your project or if you have more questions about the design process, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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