8 Best Automotive Designs That Fuel Every Car Enthusiast’s Passion

MotorsDoha by Keep Calm Labs

Standout Features:

  • Supreme navigation layout and usability
  • Responsive design
  • Unique and uncluttered color scheme

MotorsDoha stands out thanks to its intuitive and appealing interface in a sea of vehicle-selling platforms. Keep Calm Labs is the brains behind the application design. The agency built its framework and application design that makes online car shopping trouble-free.

Putting together an online marketplace for cars is not an easy task. That said, Keep Calm Labs pieced together all the crucial components of an appropriate application. The interface synchronizes data between the website and the mobile application, making a seamless browsing experience in return.

The agency used colors red, black and white. This combination allows seamless navigation and less eye strain. There’s also a good balance of whitespace that encourages reading. The typeface used supplements the design as well.

MotorsDoha covers a better part of the automotive industry that brings car buyers and sellers together. The application connects car shoppers through mobile and web-based platforms. And thanks to the designers, this app makes the process fun and accessible.

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