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MotorsDoha 3D Animation

Other 3D Automotive After Effects Cinema 4D

This project is a combination of the spirit of the motors Doha team and the life value in the capital of Qatar country the city of Doha, the 3D animation takes place in the middle of Doha with the fastest and expensive cars racing together and showing up in front of the in drifts in front of the residents of the city in a gaming need for speed style to tell them about the exciting event that is coming, and is launching Motors Doha Car dealer website and mobile app.

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VFX: Never Be The Same Again by Anthony Mehed

Other 3D VFX After Effects Cinema 4D

Anthony Mehed’s creative work, Never Be The Same Again. At the penultimate moment, Never Be The Same Again continues this depth of lyricism and sees Mehed inject immense levels of intimate openness and emotion into the collection. The song has a certain calmness about it, intertwined with a notable level of darkness and a questioning aura that tackles the role of the individual and the doubts and desires that are often at war with one another.

You can see the final video clip here:

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Night Сity VFX

Other 3D VFX After Effects

This project is about creating a night city in the background and in the foreground a car parked on the edge of a natural cliff in the 3D.

VFX Breakdown: Watch on Youtube

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