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What is the project about

Coronapass is a system for simplifying and automating the process of obtaining a coronavirus passport by residents of the Farrer Islands.

They Needed

In addition to the corporate website, the client needs the development of a system that is responsible for the process of obtaining a coronavirus passport, system synchronization with the government website.


We have developed a web application that is responsible for each of the steps of the client's business processes, making them as simple and fast as possible.

• Corporate website.
• User registration. Automatic barcodes assignment. Possibility to select the method of obtaining a coronavirus passport.
• Sending invoices to clients.
• Sending results to clients.
• Synchronization with accounting software.
• Multiuser interface with different roles.
• Automatic user data deletion after the process completion.
• File sharing capability.
• Statistics and infographics.
• Reliability and security of user data storage.

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