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What is the project about

Coronapass is a system for simplifying and automating the process of obtaining a coronavirus passport by residents of the Faroe Islands.

After taking a test for covid at coronatest, you can upload a digital passport to your Google or Apple wallet.

Coronapass is a part of Thetis company, and thanks to coronatest and coronapass projects, Thetis company has won the Award "Business Initiative of the Year 2021".

They Needed

In addition to the corporate website, the client needs the development of a system that is responsible for the process of obtaining a coronavirus passport, system synchronization with the government website.


We have developed a web application that is responsible for each of the steps of the client's business processes, making them as simple and fast as possible.

• Corporate website.
• User registration. Automatic barcodes assignment. Possibility to select the method of obtaining a coronavirus passport.
• Sending invoices to clients.
• Sending results to clients.
• Synchronization with accounting software.
• Multiuser interface with different roles.
• Automatic user data deletion after the process completion.
• File sharing capability.
• Statistics and infographics.
• Reliability and security of user data storage.

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