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What is the project about

Edmate is a comprehensive platform that can both work as an independent system, or sit on top of your existing LMS, as the Single Source of Truth, helping you make the most of it. Working as the central nervous system of your school, it can help you manage day-to-day school tasks through automation, support teaching through in-person, virtual or blended classrooms, and break communication barriers, enabling you to reach all education stakeholders from the device of your choice. Be it organizing students, online fees payment or attendance, assignment reminders and submissions, grading and communications, Edmate brings the complete school day to your phone.

They Needed

The client needed a WordPress website design and development to present his product on the network. It was necessary to develop a concise memorable design. The main emphasis on simplicity and convenience for users. Site must be responsive, bilingual, with RTL Arabic language support.


We have designed and developed Edmate corporate web site. The site allows users to familiarize themselves with all the features of the platform, find out prices and read user reviews.

• Competitive study table table that showing features and how each competitive product has or doesn't have this feature and maybe some notes.
• Webinar as a Youtube video embeds or links to another platform to attend a webinar or a form to register for a webinar, depending on what is planned for that period of time.
• Book a demo form that forwards the request to sales.
• Fully responsive.
• English and Arabic languages support.

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