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What is the project about

Even Loans is a modern service for fast and safe loan processing for a short period of time. Making a loan online with Even Loans means that you can conveniently take the necessary amount of money and at the same time save a ton of time. And most importantly, for this there is no need to visit the office - all registration, including the submission of an application and its consideration occurs online.

They Needed

The client needed:
Responsive website development.
Creation of CRM for conducting the process of applying for an online loan.
Creating a flexible module for calculating interest.
Development of a convenient interface for the borrower.
Payment system integration.


According to the scope of the planned work, Even Loans is a comprehensive fintech solution, which includes a website with information for borrowers, a web interface for administering the system, and a scoring module for verifying lender data.

Our team has developed a platform for processing short-term loans by combining the logic of granting loans with personalized consumer functionality. It includes:

• Borrower data collection system - personal data, user behavior data;
• Processing customer data;
• The possibility of obtaining an online loan;
• Loan repayment system.

Functionality makes it possible for the borrower to complete the online processing of the request without the need to visit the bank.

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