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What is the project about

iMate Tutor is the perfect school/college app to help you ace your exams. It's built on the concept of spaced repetition to allow you to remember what you study easily. There is an abundance of features such as optimized flashcards, memory games, lightning learn, and more. We have detailed progress graphs that help you easily track your daily progress, along with reminders when you need to learn your study sets.

They Needed

We were tasked for creating a fully functioning quiz app. The app had to be:
• Fast
• Easy to use and intuitive
• Robust
• Feature rich

Core features include :
• Detailed quiz tracking and progress reporting
• Flashcards using spaced repetition
• Creating study sets with images
• Export to Word & Excel
• Cross-platform (WEB, iOS, Android, Windows)


Solutions we provided:

• We crafted all screens, workflow, user interaction, state diagrams, event logic and inter-screen communication using Figma.
• We provided a clickable prototype for all screens using Figma, Uxpin & Uizard
• Designed the completed screen animation using Rive
• Wrote the flashcard module
• Wrote the progress tracking module
• Wrote the graphs and results module
• Wrote the export to Word and Excel module
• Handled iOS and Android push notifications
• Created sharing of documents via Dynamic Links
• Provided bunding of the app to the various App Stores

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