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What is the project about

This project is a combination of the spirit of the motors Doha team and the life value in the capital of Qatar country the city of Doha, the 3D animation takes place in the middle of Doha with the fastest and expensive cars racing together and showing up in front of the in drifts in front of the residents of the city in a gaming need for speed style to tell them about the exciting event that is coming, and is launching Motors Doha Car dealer website and mobile app.

They Needed

The client needed a 3D animation teaser to tell the users about the upcoming event, the client wanted to excite the users by firing an exciting video animation that will make the users want to know what is it about, the client wanted the teaser to be short and in the need for speed style.


We have created an exciting teaser using the latest expensive sport car models and created a raсing where the cars fighting for victory, the car models where purchased from the stock market to match the latest real car trends, the dynamics were created using a plugin. then after-effects were added to add a gaming style to the sceneс, the project took a month time to create the locations animate the racing cars and add the latest touches as the dust coming up from the burning tyres and people wearing the local clothes and real Doha city building models on the background.

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