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What is the project about

MyStetho for Pets is an app where you get to interact with veterinarians by sending text, images and cardio-respiratory sounds

They needed:

A client needed an online chat between user and veterinarian. In the process, the idea came up to develop an application for diagnosing a pet’s disease online.
The application is aimed at people who have pets, namely: cats, dogs. It helps people find specialists who can advise them if they have problems with the health of their pets.

What we did:

The client received a multi-platform mobile application. MyStetho is the first app where you can have access to veterinarians 24/7 in any language and where you communicate with the veterinarian via text, images and cardio-respiratory sounds for pet health advice.

In the application you can see all the necessary information about a specialist who will advise you and choose who is closer in spirit. Communication takes place via chat (tete-a-tete). The user can see the history of correspondence, pay and buy consultations with the veterinarian. The application makes it possible to use a stethoscope to listen to heart rhythms, which helps to make a diagnosis.

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