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What is the project about

Pupums is a website for dog treats, Choosing the right treats for your pup can be tough. Most treats contain artificial flavors, preservatives, fillers, and by-products... That's not something you would eat, so why would you feed it your furry family member? With that in mind, we set out to accomplish one mission: to create simple and nutritious dog treats that all pups can enjoy.

They Needed

The client needed a new modern, responsive, user-friendly design for a Shopify website that will be developed as a custom design and be developed as a custom theme in Shopify to increase ROI and attract new buyers. additionally, the client asked to create a separate page that shows the advantages of the product as well as add a banner to the default shop page with products for Shopify.


We have created a new modern custom design in Figma, we have created a separate page for ingredients and created an additional banner design for the default shop page in Shopify, and then developed it on Shopify platform, as a based used a basic theme and customized it with our needs. Features: Size options for products Purchase subscribtion or one time purchase Custom shopify theme development

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