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What is the project about

BI Web Application:
The purpose of the project is development of a web-based application for technical engineers allowing to design equipment stations for automatic scanning bar-codes of moving items. The application provides a set of forms for step-by-step entering data into the system.

The Site Survey Tool:
The Site Survey Tool is a standalone mobile application which allows sales engineers to create new projects through surveying sites. It provides interfaces for step-by-step entering data into the system through a set of forms representing logically grouped blocks of information.

They needed:

Technical engineers were filling projects into a huge and separate excel files with multiple tabs, where it was difficult to find information and compare project to each other, what influence on time spent on creating proposals.

Technical engineers were taking notes when visiting new project, and only after their retun they were able to enter project info into a project excel sheet

What we did:

• Allow technical engineers to look up, create and edit projects.
• Step-by-step entering data wizard with logically grouped blocks.
• Generate prefilled proposal depending on previous projects.
• Calculate project profitability with warning notifications.

The tool has its own database, allowing engineers to search previous projects.
Has ability to work standalone without internet connection, 
Engeneers able to enter project data offline. Synchronization starts automatically when online, Sales engeneers can start making proposal right away.

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