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What is the project about

Unity is the platform for local teacher unions that saves you time, money and stress. Across the whole process of the member’s engagement with your association, Unity takes the hard work out of membership enrollment, administration, and fees collection.

They needed:

The client asked for a powerful software that organizes an association billing process and membership management allowing to engage members and spend more time on member's needs. The most important pain point was that it takes a lot of time to gather membership fees from association members on paper and it is very difficult to find out how many members already paid for their membership, and who is on sick leave paying their membership in full or just partly.

What we did:

We developed software that allows the association managers to see and manage every member, payment, expiring credit card, past-due member, and more, right from the association dashboard. Associations can quickly get a snapshot of the union and take immediate action when needed.

• Membership enrollment
• Member contact details collection
• Dues management
• Past due collections
• Membership renewals
• Leave management
• PAC funding drives

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