VFX: Never Be The Same Again by Anthony Mehed

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What is the project about

Anthony Mehed’s creative work, Never Be The Same Again. At the penultimate moment, Never Be The Same Again continues this depth of lyricism and sees Mehed inject immense levels of intimate openness and emotion into the collection. The song has a certain calmness about it, intertwined with a notable level of darkness and a questioning aura that tackles the role of the individual and the doubts and desires that are often at war with one another.

Never Be The Same Again by Anthony Mehed [Official video] Watch on Youtube

VFX Breakdown: Watch on Youtube

They Needed

There were several tasks for this project.

- In the general plans it was necessary to add buildings in fog and smoke.
- There was also a task to add robots to the footage.
- There was also a task in several characters to change real heads into heads of robots.


The following works were performed for this project:

- Task 1: add buildings in fog and smoke. To do this, Cinema 4d has made several buildings, and simulated smoke to add it to the background.
- Task 2: Add robots to the footage. The robot models themselves were bought on stock, and the texturing was done by me. They were added to the clip scenes, with matching camera movements, proportions, and lighting on them.
- Task 3: Change real heads in several characters into robot heads. To do this, a cleanup was made with the restoration of objects that covered the heads, namely the sky, and clothes, and then the heads of the heroes were changed to the heads of robots. Another interesting task was to add objects (newspapers) to the stills, in which only the camera would move and the rest of the objects would remain in place.

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